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If you don't find the answer to your questions below, please contact us.

All Sessions 


Q: What happens if I can’t make my session?  Can I get a refund? 

A: If you can’t make your session and you let us know ahead of time, you are welcome to use what you have paid as a credit towards another session.  If rescheduling for the same session is an option, we are happy to work with you to reschedule.  Sale sessions are non-refundable. 


Q: What happens if my child(ren) are cranky and don’t smile?  

A: We all have bad days.  We have quite a few tricks up our sleeves to bring little ones out of their shell.  That said, it may not always work, but we do our best.  If you are concerned about your child’s participation, give us a call to discuss options.  While these sessions are non-refundable, we may be able to reschedule you for another day or another session that might work better. 


Q: If I have more than one child, do I need to purchase a session for each child? What if I want shots of them together and individual shots as well? 

A: You do not need to purchase individual sessions for each child.  We can absolutely get individual and group shots of your children.  We do ask that each session is for only one family.  If you have multiple families that want group shots, they can both purchase a session and we are happy to combine and include group shots of both families as well. But each family needs to purchase an individual session. 


Q: How many outfits can we wear for each session? 

A: The shorter sessions do not provide enough time for outfit changes.  If you prefer to have different outfits, you can purchase multiple sessions back to back or visit with us about a regular session to see which better suits your needs.  


Q: What happens if I am late for my session? 

A:  We understand that life happens and do our best to accommodate. Please plan to be around 5 minutes early for your session.  If something happens and you are late, we will work within the timeframe we have.   


Q: What are your current Covid policies? 

A:  Our clients’ health and safety are priority.  Our staff will still wear masks for all newborn, maternity and any sessions as requested by the client.  We will continue to offer social distancing options and hand sanitizer at the door and during sessions. 


Q: When will we receive our photos? 

A:  Delivery of edited images varies depending on the session.  Refer to your session description for delivery times. We will have specific turnaround times and delivery dates during the holiday season. So, If you need your images for gifts or Christmas cards, make sure you note the deadlines for having your session. 


Q: Can I book a Limited Edition Session anytime? 

A: No, Limited Edition Sessions are typically only offered during specific times. If you are unable to make the specific date and time scheduled, let’s discuss to determine if a regular session might be better for you. 


Q: What happens if Kelly is sick or can’t shoot for some reason? 

A:  While this is rare, there may be circumstances under which an associate shooter may need to fill in.  If that is not an option, we would visit with you about rescheduling.  We do this with our clients’ health and safety in mind just as much as ours.  


Sale Pre-Purchases 


Q: Can I schedule my session as soon as I make my purchase or do I have to wait? 

A: After you have completed your purchase, you will receive a code.  You can use that code to schedule your session now, or later.   


Q: Why are the prices different for different sessions? 

A: We are offering several different types of sessions this year.  We have some shorter sessions for those who just need a quick session or perhaps a photo or two for Christmas cards.  We are also offering more fine art sessions.  These sessions require longer editing time, so they cost a little more. 


Q: Can adults be in the kids sessions with them? 

A: If the sessions indicates “kids only”, this is typically because the size of the set is specific to kids. If it is possible for parents to jump in for a shot or two, we never have a problem with that.  



Santa Pictures 


Q: What is the difference between the Santa Experience and Pictures with Santa? 

A: The Santa Experience is a longer session. It is an interactive session where your child(ren) can read, visit, and enjoy some cookies and milk with Santa. The images are also finished with a fine art edit. 

Pictures with Santa is a shorter session.  Children get to visit with Santa, and have pictures taken on a nice set, but there are no other props besides the set.  This session has a nice, quality edit, but is not fine art. 


Q: The terms and conditions say that I am not guaranteed the Santa that I signed up for.  What happens if I only want a specific Santa? 

A: Should something happen that renders your Santa unable to attend his sessions, our first course of action would be to reschedule you with your Santa on another date and time.  Your Santa will only be substituted in a worst-case scenario.  You will not sign up for one Santa and be surprised when you arrive for your session by seeing a different Santa.  


Q: Is it true that Santa Dan is coming back this year? 

A: It is! We are so excited!   


Q: How many kids can be in our Santa pictures?   

A:  All of them!   All that we ask is that you have only one family per session.  If you have multiple families and sessions but would like a group shot of all of them, we can absolutely do that.  Say you have three families, and three sessions, but would love a group shot of all of them.  We are happy to grab that shot as well.  We do ask that you don’t book several families in one session.  This can result in the session running over and the families after having to wait longer. 


Q: How long does it take to get my Santa pictures? 

A: The same day! Usually within hours of leaving your session.   


Q: Can I order prints and ornaments too? 

A: You bet! 


Q: Can family members come to the Santa sessions and watch our children visit with Santa? 

A: Absolutely! These are such sweet special times, and we don’t want anyone to miss a minute of it.  


Q: Can my child sit on Santa’s lap? 

A: Yes.  Especially if your child is not sitting on their own or should not sit unassisted.  


Q: Can parents join in the Santa pictures? 

A: Of course! You are never to old to see Santa.  


Q: What Covid precautions do you take? Are masks required? 

A: Our #1 priority is keeping our clients and staff safe.  This year, we will not require temperature checks, and will assess other conditions as we get closer to the sessions.  Masks do NOT have to be worn during the session and Santa will NOT be wearing a mask.  Regardless of what other decisions are made, we will still promote social distancing and will only have a limited number of families in the studio at one time.  Our studio is large and can accommodate several families at one time.  We will still ask families to text when they arrive and respond with whether to come on in or wait in your car for a few minutes.  

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