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Up Your Mini Game!

February 10, 2022 

Struggling with your mini sessions and not sure how to sell them?  Tired of spending hours editing mini sessions afterwards? Want to offer a great session to your client, but be able to make money doing it?  Then this is the workshop for you!

Enrollment in the course will also include one hour of studio time at L'Atelier for themed sessions.

Cost: $169

What will you learn?

During this 2 hour workshop, I will show you how we sell and shoot over 1200 sessions just during the holiday season and hundreds more during the rest of the year.  

Mini Basics

All sessions are not created equal.  We will discuss the different types of sessions, how long they should be and what we include with them.

We will also talk about inspiration for sessions and how to make yours stand out.


Learn how I price my sessions and why different sessions are priced differently. 


I will show you how I determine who I market to and the steps I take to do market my sessions.


 I will show you our process for streamlining our mini sessions, thus making them more profitable.  I will also show you what we do so that we are not having to spend hours upon hours editing our sessions. 

I will also share the tools and resources I use for selling and running my sessions. 

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