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Why Do I Need the Milestone Sessions?

Why Do You Need All of the Milestone Sessions?

You do…you need the milestone sessions. The first birthday session, the cake smash session and all of the photography sessions after. They are only little once. You get 4 years until they start school and they progress from being the chubby faced toddler to the school aged child. You will want the photography milestone sessions because they will forever take you back to those times. You will remember the excitement on their faces when they saw Santa. You will flash back to finding cake in their ears….the day after their cake smash session.

You’re gonna want to remember this.

Christmas. One Year Old Picture
Santa and Baby

They will want it too. They will want to tell their children about their memories and show them. The funny images, the time that all we got were candid shots because that was the session that they didn’t sit still. They will want these memories…of you, of them and for their children.

Cake Smash Photography. Baby Girl Birthday
First Birthday Session

Why do you need the professional portraits? So you can be present in them. When they are older and as they grow, they will want these memories. They will want to look back on these portraits and show their children who and where they come from. You need to be in the pictures.

Family Session.  Outdoor Photography
Familly Photography Session

Milestone sessions capture everything that you want to remember. The way they smelled as a baby. Their giggle. The songs that made them smile. Their favorite game or nursery rhyme. And as they grow, they will get to look at these portraits and ask you all of the questions. How old was I? What were we doing? Where was this taken? Make sure they have those memories.

Boy One Year Photography Session
Boy Cake Smash

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